School Committee Meeting and Presentation

October 14, 2021:

Video is online at HCAT

With questions and comments from the public.

One father relates an age-inappropriate "wellness" survey that was given to his 11 year-old daughter without his knowledge or consent. This is at roughly 01:26:20.

Federal law requires that all such surveys only be administered with the parent's written permission.

Critical Race Theory is Happening

September 10, 2021:


CRT is happening!  During last night's school committee meeting, the new Assistant to the Superintendent, Joanne Menard, gave a presentation on what happened during the "Aug. 31 Professional Development Day" which was in reality a "Diversity and Equity" training program for Holliston School Teachers.  Her presentation runs from 7:12 to 18:20.

She also plans to issue "age appropriate" identity-based "Racial Surveys" to all students.

Two of the presenters were:

Dr. Henry Turner, an "educator committed to equitable opportunities" and to "developing social justice skills" in students.  More information about Dr. Turner can be found here.

The second speaker, Dr. Kalise Wornum, founded "KW Diversity Inc." - - which aims to "Make Authentic Connections by Exploring Race & Culture."

The primary goal of the Superintendent's office is to brainwash our teachers and students to be CRT kool-aid drinking Social Justice Warriors, under the guise of "Social Emotional Learning" and "Equity."

Two Teachers Resign

September 2, 2021:

We have received multiple reports that two Holliston Public School teachers have resigned in protest of what they call the "new curriculum."  No additional details are available at this time.

Perception + Change Consulting, LLC

September 1, 2021:

In February, 2021 members of the Holliston Public Schools, including School Committee member Lisa Kocian, participated in a series of sessions co-sponsored by Holliston PTO Mindshare and Diverse Holliston. These sessions were led by Tonia Florence Walker, M.Ed. This is a list of the resources provided by Tonia Florence Walker, M.Ed. in the sessions:

Defined are the terms Advocacy, Ally, Activist, Macroaggresion, Microaggresion, Equity and more; along with web links to sites such as the Southern Poverty Law Center and the 1619 Project, and a list of children's books.

Perception + Change Consulting, LLC descibes itself as "A Diversity & Inclusion Consulting Agency."

Critical Race Theory Pedagogy

August 26, 2021:

The Holliston School Committee has announced the name of the new "Director of Social-Emotional Learning, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion," which they have re-titled "Director of Social Emotional Learning and Equity".  Mr. Jariel Vergne will "lead the Holliston School district's Safe and Supportive Schools initiatives focusing on school and district-based approaches to social-emotional learning and equity."

FOIA Request Update

August 20, 2021:

2021 Critical Race Theory
Grades K-12

July 4, 2021:

The new Director of Social-Emotional Learning, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion has been hired to implement anti-bias and anti-racism programs and training in Holliston Public Schools.

Salary: $100,000 per annum


  • Provide support, guidance and advocacy for affinity and other groups aimed at furthering diversity and inclusiveness.
  • Develop, coordinate and conduct related training for administrators and staff, including training for school-based hiring committees, with regards to racial equity in staff hiring, retention, and evaluation.
  • Identify and communicate training sessions to the Superintendent that build positive school climates, support diversity initiatives and programs, and develop strategies to support historically marginalized people.
  • Collaborate with the Curriculum Team and Professional Development Council to plan and facilitate professional development to support equity, anti-bias and social justice and ensure equal access for marginalized people.
  • Collaborate with district leadership to implement and refine assessment/survey tools that evaluate and audit school climates.
  • Develop, support, monitor, evaluate and recommend appropriate responses/actions to address institutional biases and structural racism in district programs and practices, and their associated impact on underserved and underrepresented communities.
  • Develop and coordinate efforts with the district leadership to ensure that the context of Holliston’s curriculum reflects its diverse student population as well as different historical perspectives.
  • Collaborate with curriculum leaders to identify more culturally responsive and anti-racist/ anti-bias learning opportunies and to modify curricula, as needed.
  • Advance equity in leveling and course enrollment, including, but not limited to honors and advanced placement courses and academic electives, as well as extracurricular activities.
  • Develop and implement professional learning for all faculty, staff and associated groups to support culturally responsive, anti-bias, and anti-racist practices thoughout the district.

School Committee Meeting

August 25, 2021:

School Committee Meeting

August 18, 2021:

School Committee Meeting

July 29, 2021:

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